A Washington, DC, Tradition Since 1873
Because of this commitment to quality as the first priority, at the outset, Heurich engaged the services of one of the preeminent brewmasters in the industry, Dr. Joseph L. Owades (o-WAY-dees). The Olde Heurich Brewing Company brews its highly acclaimed beers using formulas that are developed by Heurich and Owades. With his grandfather's earlier success in mind, Heurich's first beer was based on a popular Maerzen (Mayr-tsen) style that the elder Heurich had brewed from the late 19th to the early 20th Century, and for which he had won the Silver Medal for purity and excellence at the 1900 Paris Exposition.

In 1995 Heurich introduced Foggy Bottom Ale, the company's first introduction in its successful Foggy Bottom Family of Beers. Two years later, the original Olde Heurich beer was renamed Foggy Bottom Lager to bring it under the Foggy Bottom moniker, but it retained its original, award-winning formulation.

Gary F. Heurich founded The Olde Heurich Brewing Co. with the goal of returning a brewery to his native city. Because of industry economics, the lack of any facilities in the area, and the relative obscurity of craft beers at the time, he chose to use existing brewing capacity until a new brewery can be constructed in the nation's capital. Currently, Olde Heurich Brewing uses a century-old family-owned brewery in Utica, NY, the F. X. Matt Brewing Company, and maintains control over all facets of the brewing process.

It is with a conviction of spirit for his native city and family legacy that Gary F. Heurich is dedicated to brewing the finest glass of beer you'll ever taste. So, enjoy our Foggy Bottom Family of Beers, "See Why We Drink All We Can and Sell the Rest."